So, my brother Eric got to go on a trip to Morocco with a bunch of other eye doctors… they went on a mission to provide much-needed eye examinations and free glasses that matched the needs of people in a small town, outside of the major cities. Apparently an amazing experience — and certainly a place I would like to visit one day.

Speaking of Morocco, I made this poster a while back, but unfortunately it was not used. I liked it anyhow, so here it is! (I also apologize for not updating more often… busy as usual!) Lots of exciting stuff has gone on in the last while, and I will certainly need to update my portfolio and make some retroactive posts to note down some of my thoughts on them.

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We take for granted the sights and locations in our city when we live there… yet there are thousands of tourists that come by to visit, take photos, and appreciate the view or the history of a place. My friend Marigona was visiting for a few days, and we had discussed doing some photos months prior but never found the time. So, we turned hanging out into a casual shoot as well as a bit of tourism in the old port. We went to the clocktower to see the view, and here are some pictures of my friend I took along the way.

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A few months ago I met Tessa, who was modeling at the Montreal Art Center for a live model drawing night. We decided to do some work together, so this summer we went for a walk in my neighbourhood and improvised with the locations we found. I was quite happy with the diversity of the results, and it was a fun change of pace to be shooting something without any particular goal or client. You can see a selection of these images here.

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Foxy Jeans

I did a no-budget fashion shoot for The Montreal Fashion Blog (linked in the article) last fall that I finally got around to posting on here. See the pics here.

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Headshots for RSVP Magazine

I recently did the headshots for the RSVP Magazine team, myself included! To see the other shots, click here or the image below.


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Fashion shots for Nicole Picard

A collaboration I did before the end of last year with:
Styling: Nicole Picard of Tailor Made by You – Design Sewing Courses
Model: Jessica McGovern – also the creator of the skirt
Makeup/location/assistance: Aleece Germano

Photos done by candlelight and lamp light! I haven’t been able to invest in a lighting kit and gels to be able to balance with ambient light sources yet, but you have to make do with what you have, right?

For now, see the other photo in the set here, til I get around to adding a more fashion-centric page!

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Recent work for Bota Bota

I was asked to do a series of photos at the Montreal’s unique and stylish floating spa Bota Bota

See the rest of the photos here.

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Portraits for RSVP Magazine #2

It’s been a whirlwind of work, but RSVP Magazine #2 is finally out! It’s a double set of milestones for me. Aside from the size of a graphic design project this publication represents, this time around there are much more visible contributions on my behalf for photography.

I was the event photographer for the Virgin Unite fundraiser party this summer during F1 weekend, hosted at the chic floating spa Bota Bota. Sir Richard Branson seemed like a fairly down-to-earth and likable person, though we didn’t exchange more than a few words. The cover shot was chosen from my shots from that night, and you can see it above. I also shot another great event at La Brasserie Le Pois Penché and Hôtel Chez Swann.

After the cover shot (which is a first for me), the other first-time achievement is the publication of a feature portrait. Not only one, but I did seven out of ten of the interview photos for this issue. I actually had done eight, but the subject submitted a shot to use instead. In any case, I had fun with these and certainly learned a lot in the process, as these were all very quick shoots and without any stylists or lighting kits.

The first interview portrait of Thomas Vernis–owner of Santos Tapas Bar in the old port–is my favourite from a technical standpoint. I was assisted by my wonderful former classmate and fellow photographer, Reagan Alexander

See the rest of the photos by clicking here or on the photo below.

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RSVP Magazine

Finally, here are some photos of the first issue of Montreal’s RSVP Magazine. I was responsible for the page layout from front to back, and this is the first large publication I have done in my graphic design career. A milestone that I am quite proud of! I also have some of my event photography featured, for an event at La Maison ISHI (who happens to be one of my favourite freelance clients for almost two years now!), the annual Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal fundraiser, and La Bal de la Jonquille / The Daffodil Ball, which happens to be the most important charitable fundraiser in Canada!

See more photos here

Read issue #3 here: (test)

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So, I am still not very good at blogging or keeping up to date. However, it is because I have been crazy busy–and that’s not a bad reason! I have just finished up my first semester of Commercial Photography at Dawson College. I am not sure if I will continue in the fall, but perhaps wait another semester to resume.

I have also been working fulltime in my new position as graphic designer for RSVP Magazine, a new Montreal publication that covers society, events, who’s-who in Montreal, as well as fine dining and design. Our launch party for issue No. 1 is tonight, in only a few more hours!

After this weekend I will start to put my home and my site in some more order… I promise. Looking forward to a productive, challenging, and fun summer.

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